ART CLASSIC  Is one of the manufacturers of teak lamp and accessories for the home, resort, or hotel in the city of art centered on the Jepara, Central Java-INDONESIA. Since 2006, learning from the experience of producing a better product, elegant and artistic but still maintain of quality. All the raw materials that we use are original teak wood choice is perfect for hot or cold climates.Range products of furniture and accessories made from teak root has been our production. The results of the products we produce each piece is totally different depending on the form of teak root and imagination of our craftsmen, like a teak root bench, teak root coffee table set, teak sofa root, teak root bowl, etc. besides we also produce various kinds of lamp or floor, wall lamp,desk lamp with minimalist or contemporary. Our product is made from a blend of teak root and teak wood with combination glass that would have a very artistic form which is suitable for adorn the resort, hotel, or your home. With more than 10 years of experience, the Art Classic became one supplier of furniture and accessories to many countries, particularly to the American, Australian, Dutch, English, French, Polish, German, Russia, Austria, Malaysia, Japan, and many other countries.

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